York Institute Celebrates Level 5 Scores

On August 23rd, Alvin C. York Institute teachers and students celebrated their Level 5 scores in Science, English Language Arts, and Math.

The school provided all the students with Mayfield Ice Cream sandwiches and the teachers met for cake in the school’s library.

Superintendent Phil Brannon expressed his thanks to all members of the school for this accomplishment, since it had been a while that the school had perfect scores in all three of these academic areas at the same time.

A level 5 means that the students achieved higher on their End of Course tests in core subjects than they were predicted to achieve.

In other words, the students exceeded their learning expectations for the 2017-18 school year.

During the Teacher celebration, Principal Jason Tompkins congratulated the faculty and students on the accomplishment, while giving special recognition to those teachers that are in direct charge of teaching the school’s core courses.