Yager, Keisling and Windle ask TSSAA to reconsider penalties against York Basketball Team

(NASHVILLE, TN), February 19, 2014 –  State Senator Ken Yager (R-Kingston), and Representatives John Mark Windle (D-Livingston) and Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown), have asked TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress to reconvene the Board of Control for the purpose of reconsidering penalties against the Alvin C. York basketball team.  The lawmakers said the Board’s current recourse against the basketball team would punish incoming students who had nothing to do with the events which occurred.

“I understand that the events which occurred during the game in question deserve some recourse from TSSAA,” the lawmakers’ letter said.  “However, a punishment which excludes next year’s basketball team from participating in tournament play extends beyond the bounds of fairness.  By excluding the team from tournament play next year, you will be punishing innocent student athletes, incoming freshman, parents, and loyal fans.”

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