We’re Here for You!

Courier Will Remain Open and Continue to Serve Community

To our readers, business partners, and the public at large, we would like to say that we have every intention of continuing to serve you even as the nation, and the world, grapple with the effects of the novel coronavirus. 

We are determined to do our part, and will continue to serve as your trusted local news source during this time. 

We will also continue to facilitate greater communication within the community, both between businesses and their customers, and the people and their leaders.  

Our policy of doing whatever it takes to help you get your message out there will not change, and we will remain available to assist you however we can.

We will continue to publish every Wednesday, and we will provide breaking news updates if necessary via our website, fentresscouriernews.com and our Facebook page.

Our offices, including our full-service printing shop, will remain open and, as always, we can be reached by phone at 931-879-4040, or by email at fencourier@twlakes.net. We are, and will be, here for you!