Traffic Stop Results In Multiple Drug Charges


A traffic stop on January 20 resulted in multiple drug charges being lodged against a Rugby man.

According to a report from the Fentress County Sheriff’s office, shortly before midnight on January 20, an officer on routine patrol made a traffic stop on a Toyota pickup truck for a taillight out.

After identifying the driver of the vehicle as Brian K. Coker, 46, of 5296 Rugby Highway, Rugby, TN, who appeared to be very nervous, the officer asked Mr. Coker if he had anything on himself or in the truck that he wasn’t supposed to have, and asked for permission to search the vehicle, after Mr. Coker told him that there was a small amount of marijuana for personal use  under his steering column.

Upon searching the vehicle, a small cardboard tube was found, in which was a small amount of Crystal Meth and several meth pipes.  Also discovered in the truck was an open container of Tequila inside a work boot in the back seat.