Tornado Smashes Home on Campground Road

Just after midnight on Wednesday, September 26th category EF-1 tornado touched down at the Guenther property on Campground Road, in the southwest corner of Fentress County, causing considerable damage to the Guenther house and multiple buildings as well as knocking down a number of trees and scattering debris across an approximately 50 yard area.

The Guenther family took refuge in the basement of the home, and were fortunately unharmed.

According to Mr. Ben Guenther, owner of the residence, he and his family suddenly heard a loud noise when the tornado first struck. By the time the family reached the mudroom of their basement, several of the home’s windows had given way and glass shards were flying through the air.

The National Weather Service, in examining the site, estimated that the tornado touched down for only about 1 minute, which proved to be more than enough time to cause immense damage to the property. The house itself suffered heavy damage to its roof and had several windows broken out, while an adjacent building was lifted off its foundation and moved about a foot before coming to a rest.

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