Tony Choate Seeks Re-Election as Sheriff

Tony-Choate-GoodIMG_1600Tony Choate has announced that he will be a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff of Fentress County in the upcoming August election.

In making his announcement Choate issued the following statement:

“To the voters of Fentress County.  Thank you for letting me serve as your Sheriff the past four years.

Since I have been in office, my office has:

•Applied for and received grant money from the Governor’s Highway Safety Office totaling $42,000.  This money  allowed the department to purchase various items for law enforcement as well as reimbursing for overtime on certain traffic mobilizations without cost to taxpayers.

•Instituted fees for back-ground and fingerprint checks.  Each is $10 for Fentress County residents and $20 for non-residents.  These monies are deposited with the Trustee’s office and entered into the General Fund.

•Instituted a $10 booking fee upon arrest. These monies are returned to the General Fund.

*Instituted a commissary, allowing inmates to buy various personal items and snacks as well as stamps and envelopes.

•Contracted with Southern Health Providers (SHP) to provide and oversee healthcare to inmates.  Use of SHP has resulted in a marked reduction in trips to the Emergency Room.  SHP pays for trips to the dentist as well as all medication. As part of the contract, inmates are charged a $10 co-pay for medical services and $25 co-pay when Emergency room visits are necessary.  This also cuts down on frivolous visits.  Medical care is never denied if an inmate is unable to pay.  The collections of co-pays gives the department a 10% reduction in annual contract.  This also takes legal responsibility away from the county as SHP assumes all financial and legal responsibility.

•The cost of medical bills is now negotiated at a reduced rate.  My administration is the first one to do this, once again saving money to the taxpayers of Fentress County.  In the past medical bills were always paid in full.  Through these negotiations this administration has saved the taxpayers over $277,000.

•Obtained multiple vehicles (Free from government surplus), to be used by various county departments.  These vehicles can be used for a year and then sold, with the money being put back into the General Budget.

•I am actively  involved in the Anti-drug Coalition (this was reformed in 2012) which assists in addressing, through educa-tion, drinking and drugs in Fentress County.

•I made a promise to the citizens to make deputy activity patrols 24/7. Since I have been in office:

•We have maintained a professional appearance and dress code.

•We have professionally approached each situation and in dealing with all individuals.

•Made numerous drug arrests.

•We continually check businesses and churches after hours each night, and conduct periodic welfare checks on senior citizens.

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