Tom Rosecrants Is Candidate for Sheriff

Tom Rosecrants has announced that he will be a candidate for the office of Sheriff in the upcoming August election, and issued the following statement:

“Hi, I’m Tom Rosecrants and I am running for Sheriff. I have experience as Chief Investigator in the Investigation Division of the Overton County Sheriff’s Department. I began my law enforcement career in Fentress County. I started off volunteering my time as a reserve deputy and enjoyed serving in my community. After six months, I was able to attend the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and upon completion was promoted to the position of Detective in Fentress County where I served the citizens until 2010. I then began my employment with the Overton County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy and worked my way to the position of Chief Investigator in a matter of 8 months. I took over the Investigation Division from an Investigator who had 23 years of law enforcement experience under his belt and brought our crimes solved rate from 6% to 55% in the first 3 months of my leadership. I believe that in law enforcement you can have experience but if you lack passion and drive for what you do, that experience means nothing.

I am a state certified Investigator and a state certified homicide investigator. I have also been certified through New Mexico Tech on Terrorism, Campus Bomb threats and Bomb Detonation training. I have Interdiction training on how to identify Drug Smuggling and trafficking. As your Sheriff, I will use my experience, training and dedication to provide Fentress County the leadership it deserves and the transparency it so desperately needs.

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