Teresa Tompkins Receives Award For 35 Years of Service With H & R Block

Teresa Tompkins is shown with her award for 35 years of service with H & R Block, along with a copy of the book “Many Happy Returns,” written by Tom Bloch, son of H & R Block co-founder Henry Bloch.

Mrs. Teresa Tompkins, Senior Tax Specialist for H & R Block of Jamestown was recently presented with her 35 years of service award.

She was also presented with the book all about Henry Bloch, the co-founder of H & R Block in Kansas City, MO  and written by his son Tom Bloch titled “Many Happy Returns” The Story of Henry Bloch, America’s Tax Man.  Henry Bloch and his brother Richard pioneered the commercial tax preparation industry.  The world leading firm has prepared over 600 million returns.

“Happy Returns” is a fascinating portrait of one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs, and it vividly illustrates what it really takes to succeed – both professionally and personally.  In 1955, Henry and brother Richard founded H & R Block growing to more than 10,000 outlets and 100,000 associates today.

Teresa purchased the franchise in Jamestown in 1982 and continues to work in the business she has come to love during those 35 years.  She started out as a payroll clerk in a local factory and later moved to a legal secretary’s job with duties of title searching for a local lawyer.

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