Teachers Salaries, Policy Revisions, Out of State Trips Are School Board Topics

The Fentress Co. Board of Education, meeting in regular monthly session on Thursday, September 7, 2017, took action on a number of items of business, including the approval of a raise for teachers.

With all members present, except Eddie Cook, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Gary Tinch, after which Karen Cooper made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting.  Her motion was seconded by Russ Stephens and passed.

The Director’s Report was then presented with a list of hires and assignments, which included:

Matt Harris – PHE PE Teacher

Rebecca Perales – SFE Teachers

Stewart Fanning – AES Teacher

Bill Cody then made a motion to approve an increase  in teacher salary of 3 percent this school year and an additional 1 percent for school year 2018-19 and, in appreciation of our teacher’s dedication, to include a trial bonus of $500.00 for attendance if a teacher does not miss more than 6 days per school year for this school year 2017-18.  His motion was seconded by Barbara Pile.  and passed.

The Board then recognized FCCLA members Ms. Allison Housley and Ms. Veronica Norris who competed in FCCLA National STAR Events Competition and received a Gold Medal and 5th place in the nation in the Chapter in Review event.

Russ Stephens then made a motion to accept the bid from Rogers Group for Paving.  His motion was seconded by Bill Cody.  and passed.

Stephens then made a motion  to accept the bid from D & D Auto for tires.  His motion was seconded by Karen Cooper and passed.

On a motion by Lynette Pritchett, the board voted to accept GP Budget Amendments for CTE Grant and to set up cost center.  This motion was seconded by Kathy Pritchett and carried.

The board then approved a motion by Karen Cooper, seconded by Lynette Pritchett, to accept the SPED Travel Contracts.

On a motion by Karen Cooper, the board voted  to approve 5 out of state trips., which included three for the Clarkrange JROTC and one each for the Clarkrange FCCLA and FFA clubs.

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