TBI’s Crime In Tennessee 2012 Shows Crime Decreasing

Nashville, Tenn. – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation recently released its annual “Crime in Tennessee 2012” report which showed a 2.8% decrease in overall crimes reported in Tennessee in 2012 compared with 2011. This is third year in a row that reported offenses decreased when compared with the previous year.
For the 2012 calendar year, 566,601 Group A offenses were reported compared with 583,022 in 2011. The largest majority of crimes reported were committed against property at more than 57% which is a decrease of 5.8% from the previous year. Crimes against persons also decreased nearly 1% however, crimes against society increased 6.3%. With an estimated population of more than 6.4 million people, Tennessee has seen crime drop a total of approximately 3.5% since 2010. Full story in this week’s Fentress Courier.