TBI Says Phishing E-mails on the rise

In March, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation saw a marked increase in the number of phishing emails sent to State of Tennessee employees.  Unfortunately, with this increase in malicious email also comes users who click and compromise their accounts.
Recently, many State employees received an email that diverted them to click on a link because their email account had exceeded its limit.  This was a clever phishing email that redirected the user to a website hosted in the Czech Republic.
The public is cautioned:  If you ever receive email from individuals or groups (such as the email, network support, help desk or security group), carefully inspect the email and DO NOT click on any links unless you are 100% certain that the request is legitimate.  If the email requests credentials such as passwords, USER ID, social security number of other personal information, it is most likely  a malicious attempt to compromise your credentials.