Tax Rate, Police Radios And City Attorney are Topics of Jamestown Council Meet

The Jamestown City Council met Tuesday, October 22 in a reconvened session, with much of the 2+ hour meeting being taken up with discussion of choosing a city attorney and natural gas rates.
With all members present except Alderman Ed Brady, the session was called to order by Mayor Ryan Smith, followed by approval of the minutes of the previous meeting on a motion by Danny Hayes, seconded by Corwin Brown.
The first order of business was approval of Ordinance 1350, which made year-end amendments to the 2012-13 fiscal year budget, which came on a motion by Gene Holt, seconded by Hayes.
Next, they approved Ordinance 1400 on second reading, which amends the 2013-14 budget to set a tax rate of $0.72 per $100 of assessed valuation, which is in excess of the state certified rate.  This came on a motion by Charles Cooper, seconded by Corwin Brown.
Following some discussion on the gas tap fees, they passed on second reading a motion to amend Chapter 1, Title 19, which reduced the cost of gas tap fees from $350 to $175 for in-city residential customers, and from $450 to $225 for commercial and outside city residential customers.
In a meeting earlier this month, the council had approved a release for request for the position of city attorney, and had received two responses — one from Skidmore Garrett, who is currently serving as City Attorney — and one from Baley Allred.
Both submitted proposals to the city but there was a question as to the number of hours per month that Mr. Garrett would provide for his retainer fee, so this matter was deferred until Monday, October 28 for clarification on a motion by Danny Hayes.
Under “New Business,” Mayor Smith stated that he had spoke with representatives from Badger Meters, the company which provides meters for the water and gas department, and while it would be expensive for the water department, it appeared to be a good economic move to implement an automated meter system for the natural gas department, which could ultimately result in savings of $80-90 thousand per year.
Following discussion, the council agreed that it would be to their advantage to talk with some of the cities or utilities which have implemented this system to gather feedback on any problems and maintenance costs.
There was then a rather lengthy discussion about gas rates, with the concensus of most of the council members being that they lower the cost, but set the rate to fluctuate as the gas costs go up and down.
Danny Hayes made a motion to amend the City Ordinance to authorize the Mayor to establish gas rates on a monthly fluctuating basis, and his motion was seconded by Gene Holt and passed with all present voting for.
Mayor Smith then announced that after months of discussion of the need for the Police Department to establish their own radio frequency, that they had applied for the new frequency, and until their new frequency was obtained, that the Jamestown Police Department would be operating on the Fentress County Emergency Management Agency frequency.

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