Firemen Discover Body In Burned-Out Trailer Saturday

Authorities are investigating the discovery of a body which was discovered in the rubble of a burned out trailer in the Grimsley area on Saturday, … [Read more...]

Highway 127 Shut Down After Truck Ruptures Propane Tank

There were some anxious moments in Clarkrange on Wednesday, October 8 when a vehicle struck three propane tanks, rupturing one of the tanks, which … [Read more...]

FECSO Meets in Quarterly Session on November 5th

The Fentress Co. Emergency Services Organization (FCES0) met in quarterly session on Tuesday, November 5 at the Jamestown First Baptist Church Life … [Read more...]

Carbon Monoxide Drill Set Nov. 8th

Jamestown Regional Medical Center, along with Fentress County Emergency Services, will be conducting a Carbon Monoxide Exercise Drill on November 8, … [Read more...]

Sheriff’s Department Donates Truck To Rescue Squad

Sheriff Tony Choate is shown presenting the keys to a 2004 Chevrolet pickup truck to Johnnie Mills, Captain of the Fentress County Rescue Squad, as … [Read more...]