Surprising Weather Rocks Area, Closes Schools Last Week

Fentress County, and the entire Upper Cumberland Region, was hit by a variety of extreme weather conditions last week, which led to the closure of area schools on Thursday, February 6 and Friday, February 7. 

It began early in the week with excessive rainfall, which continued to intensify through much of Wednesday. The National Weather Service issued a flood watch that day, which turned out to be an underestimation of the coming rainfall. By midday, the flood watch was extended through Thursday, February 6. The ensuing flooding wreaked havoc on the area, with well over 3 inches of rain falling in the next 24 hours. Low lying portions of the county, such as Pall Mall, were hit hard, and the surge of water from the Obey River poured into Dale Hollow Lake, causing much of East Port Marina to be detached from the shore and carried several miles north along the lake.

Then, on the evening of Thursday, February 6, the temperature began to drop dramatically. Mother Nature was not finished. Throughout Thursday night, snow fell in the most significant amount seen thus far this year, with over two inches accumulating within the next several hours.