Stolen Car Investigation Results In Drug Arrest

RichardsIMAG0082An investigation of a reported stolen car on Wednesday, July 23 resulted in the arrest of a 31-year-old Grimsley woman on multiple drug charges.

An officer on patrol on Shaver Road noticed a vehicle which had been reported to have been stolen in the driveway of a residence.  Upon stopping at the residence, the officer made contact with Ms. Miranda Richards, the subject who had allegedly taken the vehicle.

Ms. Richards reportedly admitted to having had the vehicle, which she said belonged to her father, for about a week, and that she was the only one who had driven the car.

Ms. Richards gave consent to search the vehicle, with the search resulting in the discovery of a cellophane bag containing a small amount of marijuana in a pocketbook under the front passenger side of the vehicle.  A purse was also found in the back seat which contained a blue pill believed to be Xanax and a blue plastic snorting straw with white powder residue.  There were also two marijuana roaches found in the ash tray of the car.

Ms. Richards was taken into custody and transported to the Fentress County Jail where she was booked on charges of Possession of Drug Parapher-nalia, Possession of Schedule IV Controlled Substance,  and Possession of Schedule VI Controlled Substance.