SmartBank Sets Up Shop

After months of anticipation, the official transition of Progressive Savings Bank to SmartBank has taken place, with the new banking entity setting up shop over the course of last week. While SmartBank’s clients were informed of the upcoming changes in advance, the rest of Fentress County likely noticed the difference in the Progressive Savings Bank signage, which was erected approximately two weeks ago.

While the transition ushered in a change of appearance, SmartBank CEO Billy Carroll said that he hoped the practices of the bank would not seem unfamiliar to the bank’s new clients, and that his company hoped to provide the same “hometown bank feel” while offering expanded services for its clients.

“We’re excited to get this transition done and about being part of the Jamestown community,” said Carroll. “Progressive was a great bank, and we felt like it was a really good match for us in terms of culture. We realize that many people are suspicious of change, but oftentimes change can be really good. Consolidation will provide a stronger financial institution for our customers. In this situation, we feel like our size and scale gives a great opportunity to the people of Fentress County, and we strive to provide both the resources of a large bank, as well as that small town bank touch.”

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