Sheriff’s Office Warns of New iTunes and Wells Fargo Scams

Interim Sheriff Gary Ledbetter is warning citizens of a new scam that is going on.

In this scam a person is contacted by text, email, or online messaging services (i.e. Facebook, Kik, ect.) and asked to either allow a check be mailed to them or the person will ask for your bank account info and deposit a check from Wells  Fargo into their account. You will then be asked to purchase iTunes cards or similar items with the funds and then give the card codes to the person over text or messenger.

The checks are fraudulent and the funds do not exist.

If anyone contacts you with any opportunity along these lines, immediately delete and block that person and do not give your banking information or personal information to them.

Some have even attempted to make threats to get their victim to make the transaction. These checks have been originating from areas such as California and are not believed to be anyone local running these scams.

Anyone who feels that they have been a victim of a scam is encouraged to contact the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office to make the scam known.