Sheriff’s Dept. Administration, Fentress Co. Government Issue Statement After Sheriff Is Indicted and Enters Guilty Plea

On Thursday, April 20, following a release by the FBI that Fentress County Sheriff Charles (Chucky) Cravens had been indicted and entered a guilty plea to Federal Corruption and Civil Rights charges, a joint statement was issued by the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office by Chief Deputy Gary Ledbetter, who is officially in charge of all operations at the Sheriff’s Office and the Justice Center, and Fentress Co. Government, County Executive J. Michael Cross.

That statement follows:

“We are disappointed and shocked by Cravens’ past actions and his admissions.  Our focus remains on the day to day operations at the Sheriff’s Office and the Justice Center.

We echo 8th District Attorney General Jared Effler’s sentiments in that “We are committed to serve and protect the citizens of Fentress County.  The actions of Cravens do NOT reflect the brave men and women we have the privilege of working with on a daily basis.

Fentress County Government and Fentress County Sheriff’s Office have no further comment at this time, and with today’s events we look forward to putting this matter behind us as we move forward to restore confidence with the professionalism and integrity that the people deserve.”