Sheriff’s Department’s Christmas Toy Project Assists 160 Families

The Fentress County Sheriff’s Department Christmas Toy Project, held for the second year, was termed as a huge success, benefitting some 160 local families.

“We just had an overwhelming response this year,” said Fentress County Sheriff Chucky Cravens.  “Last year, was our first year, and we were able to help some 110 needy children.  This year, we set a goal to try to help 150 kids, and again, thanks to private individuals, churches and businesses, we were able to exceed that goal by 10 and help 160 kids.

“We just had outstanding response throughout the community and we were fortunate enough this year to give each child three toys,” Sheriff Cravens added.  “Another thing we did this year, was to do something for the children of our inmates.  While we weren’t able to help all of them we had all the inmates who wanted to participate put their names on a slip of paper, and we had a drawing, and were able to help the children of 15 female inmates and 15 male inmates.”

“Again, I want to say thanks to the community, to all the churches, businesses, and to all the private individuals who came out and donated so we could help these children in need.  We’re going to set a goal next year to try to help 200 children,” he concluded.