Senior Center to Pilot Fresh Cooked Meals Program

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Senior Citizen Center hopes to again be serving freshly cooked food in June, after serving only frozen food for the last year due to a change  that was implemented in its nutrition grant funding.

Due to last year’s changes failing to meet expectations, the program guidelines have again changed, and now allow area senior centers to serve fresh-cooked meals, provided that they have the facilities to do so, and can serve them at a reasonable price per meal. The Fentress County Senior Center will be piloting this program in the coming years, as it is the only center in the 14 county Upper Cumberland Area that has decided to embrace this option.

“We were informed in March of this year that the changes to the nutrition program as implemented by the Area Agency on Aging and Disability had not been as successful as they had hoped,” said Senior Center Director Alice Kirby. “ A lot of what the changes aimed to do was to put uniformity in place in terms of what seniors were eating, and when they ate. This was meant to provide consistency and optimal nutrition. However, the results of these changes ended up being a lot of seniors dropping out of the nutrition program altogether, and across the board, in all 14 Upper Cumberland counties.”

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