Senior Center Kicks-Off Fresh Meals Program

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Senior Citizens Center officially kicked off their home cooked meals program on Friday, June 28. Although not scheduled to begin until July 1, last Friday’s meal was made possible by a donation from Joey and Rayella Vaughn of Medi-Thrift Pharmacy.

One year ago, UCHRA and the Area Agency for Aging and Disability changed their meals program from fresh cooked foods to pre-made, frozen dinners. While many local seniors still participated in the Center’s meals, many were not pleased with the new food program.

In response to this lack of satisfaction, the Area Agency, who administers the senior meals grant program, made allowances for locally operated centers to return to preparing freshly cooked meals. as long as the centers still remained within the nutritional guidelines of the program.

Alice Kirby and Kelly Young, Director and Assistant Director of the Fentress County Senior Center, were immediately interested in making this change, and, along with the Senior Center’s advisory board, developed a plan for making the switch.

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