Senator Blackburn Visits Fentress County Aug. 22

United States Senator Marsha Blackburn made a visit to Fentress County last Thursday morning, August 22, 2019, and met with local leaders to hear their concerns about local and national issues. While Blackburn discussed the recent hospital closure, and her strategy to combat the rising number of similar instances across the country, she also discussed other portions of her policy agenda, such as border control, and cyber security.

The meeting was very informal, and took place in the ECD room of the Fentress County Courthouse. The senator began by thanking everyone for coming, and by saying that she was there to make connections with local leaders and citizens, and to let them know that she was available to help when they needed her. “It’s good to be here and to meet people coming in and out of the courthouse and to hear their concerns,” Blackburn said. “This is important, so that we can know what they need us to do.” Blackburn introduced her new Field Director, Chelsea Ivens, who exchanged information with the audience and said that she would be happy to help in whatever way she could.

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