School Board Recognizes CHS and SFES as Level 4 Schools, Honors Nationally Ranked FCCLA Students

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Board of Education met on Monday, October 1st, in their regularly scheduled monthly session.

The meeting was called to order by Board Chairman Eddie Cook, who then turned to Director Mike Jones who said that he had some announcements to make. Mr. Jones said that Fentress County Schools had been rated as a level 3 school system by the state, and while that was very respectable, he was not satisfied with that and was determined to achieve a rating of 5, the highest rating attainable, and one which has been held by Fentress County Schools for multiple, consecutive years past. Mr. Jones then stated that he still felt it was important to recognize schools in the district that were above the overall rating, those being South Fentress Elementary School and Clarkrange High School, both of which were rated at level 4.

Mr. Jones then said that he wished to recognize two FCCLA students from Clarkrange High School, Veronica Norris and Allison Housley, who were recently ranked 8th in the nation for their presentation on and assistance with the School System’s employee appreciation program.

The minutes for the Board’s September meeting were then approved.

The Board then observed a moment of silence for the recently deceased Mayor of Jamestown, Darlene Monday Davis.

The Director’s report as had been presented in work session was then approved.

The Board then considered the bids for the tires for school buses, and moved to accept the bid submitted by D&D Auto Parts. This came on a motion by Russ Stephens, seconded by Felicia Garrett, and was carried without opposition.

The Board then moved to approve the Consolidated Budget. A motion was made by Karen Cooper, seconded by Kathy Pritchett and passed on a vote of 9-1 with Darlene Brannon voting against.

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