School Board Ratifies SRO Agreement

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Board of Education held it’s regular meeting on April 2. The Board approved a short agenda, of which the most important item was the Memorandum of Understanding between themselves and Fentress County, permitting School Resource Officers in all county schools.

The meeting was called to order by Board chairman Gary Tinch, and the minutes for the March session were quickly approved.

The Director’s report showed two new hires, both for teacher’s assistant positions: Regina Cooper at Allardt Elementary, and Theresa Lloyd at Pine Haven Elementary.

Under Monetary issues the Board reviewed the mowing bid submissions, and after some discussion agreed to award the contract to Mr. Lee Brown, citing that even though Mr. Brown’s bid had been the highest, that he had been doing the mowing for the last few years and had done an excellent job thus far and that they had faith he would continue to do so.

The next item of business was for the Board to approve four out of state trips for Clarkrange High School, three for JROTC and 1 for FCCLA. A motion was made by Eddie Cook and seconded by Karen Cooper and the Board approved the trips unanimously.

Review of the text book recommendations from the text book committee for the 2018-2019 school year was next on the agenda, and on a motion from Karen Cooper, seconded by Kathy Pritchett, the board approved the recommendations.

A resolution to honor the school system’s support staff was then considered and approved by a unanimous vote. This came on a motion by Karen Cooper, seconded by Bill Cody.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Fentress County and the Board of Education regarding School Resource Officers was then considered. The memorandum was already agreed to by the Board’s executive committee which allowed for the SROs to be in schools last week. A motion to ratify the agreement was made by Russ Stephens, seconded by Eddie Cook, and passed with the Board’s full support.

The Board then agreed to set the date for it’s next meeting for May 7th, and adjourned.