School Board Conducts Year-End Budget Housekeeping, Discusses PHS Road Project

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, June 3, 2019, and addressed a handful of year end budget issues before closing out the 2018-2019 budget year. They also discussed the future of the access road project at Pine Haven Elementary School.

The meeting was called to order by Board Vice-Chairperson Karen Cooper, and the minutes from the Boards’s May session were reviewed. Following some discussion of a particular item, the minutes were approved as presented with all voting in favor except Darlene Brannon, who had initially raised the issue.

The Board then moved to consider monetary matters. The first monetary issue discussed was the food service bids. The funding for these bids comes from the federal government, and it is mandated that the Board accept the low bidder. This came in conjunction with the approval of the 2019-2020 food service budget. Also reviewed at this time were two budget amendments for the CTE Perkins basic budget. A motion to approve the above items on one vote was made by Kathy Pritchett, seconded by Felicia Garrett, and passed unanimously.

A series of several budget amendments were next for consideration. The budget amendments were as follows:

– A budget amendment for 21st Century, revision 4

– Four (4) budget amendments for Volunteer Pre-K

– Three (3) budget amendments for TEIS/ HOME (HCBEI)

– Three (3) budget amendments for TEIS/ CENTER

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