School Board Approves Bids and Re-Hires for 2017-18 School Year

The Fentress County Board of Education met in regular monthly session on Monday, June 12, 2017 and took action on a number of items, including approval of  Director of Schools Mike Jones’ recommendations for re-hires for the 2017-2018 school year.

The first order of business was approval of a motion by Eddie Cook, seconded by Bill Cody, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

On a motion by Kathy Pritchett, seconded by Kathy Williams, the board accepted the Food Service bids as follows:

Ice Cream – Mayfield

Milk – Borden

Produce – IWC

Breed – Flowers Bakery

Pest Control – Universal Termite

Food – IWC

Cafeteria Tables for Clarkrange High School, South Fentress Elementary and Pine Haven – School and Office Supply

Milk Coolers for Pine Haven and Clarkrange High School – Strategic Equipment.

On a motion by Eddie Cook, the board authorized the executive board to accept bids for paper supplies and janitorial supplies at a later date.  This motion was seconded by Russ Stephens and passed.

Next, on a motion by Cook, seconded by Cody, the board voted to accept the General Purpose budget amendment as presented.

Following discussion by the board of the Internal Controls document and the Uniform Grant Guidance, which are not policy but procedures, the board approved a motion by Cody, seconded by Stephens to accept both documents.

They also appoved a motion by Stephens, seconded by Barbara Pile, to accept the Consolidated Application for Federal Programs and IDEA.

Bill Cody then made a motion to allow David Lipscomb University to participate in doctoral research for 2 years with Fentress County PreK.  This motion was seconded by Kathy Williams and passed.

After setting their next meeting for Monday, August 7, with a work session to begin at 5:30 with the meeting to follow, the meeting adjourned on a motion by Eddie Cook, seconded by Bill Cody.

Following is a list of re-hires as recommended by Director of Schools Mike Jones and approved by the Board:

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