Resolutions, Litigation Tax & Fee Increases, and Courthouse Renovations Are Commission Topics

The Fentress Co. Commission met in regular monthly session and took action on a number of items of business during a very busy, hour-long meeting.

With all members present, the meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross, followed by the pledge to the flag and opening prayer by YAI student Abbi Rexroat, approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, and approval of notaries.

Prior to the beginning of the business session, Fentress County Executive J. Michael Cross made the following statement in regard to the Level II and III State of Emergency the area has been under the past week, commenting:

“We have a wonderful team in place working diligently as hard as they can, around the clock, to restore power and services and get us back to a state of normalcy.  EMA Director James Bilbrey, Ambulance Service Director Gary Peters, the Rescue Squad, Volunteer Fire Departments, Sheriff’s Office, Jamestown City Police, Volunteer Energy and many more.  The control center set up at the E-911 center is second to none.  We have a lot of good people working hard, and we commend them for their diligence, and we thank the people of Fentress for their patience in dealing with this situation.

“The TEMA people who were here from Nashville today told me that of all the counties they had worked with who had a disaster, they were more amazed at the teamwork and cooperation which they saw in Fentress County than any other county that they had been in, and I think that is a wonderful compliment to the entire county.”

The first order of business was the passage of a proclamation for “Honor Our Blue Week,” with Commissioner Larry Cooper presenting a plaque on behalf of  the commission to Fentress County Sheriff Chucky Cravens, who also accepted a duplicate plaque for Jamestown City Police Chief Ken Hancock.

The commission next approved a resolution to participate in the Three Star Program and to appoint Leann Smith as the Three-Star Coordinator.

Amanda Mainord of Grassroots Planning and Consulting then addressed the commission, announcing that they were eligible to apply to the Tennessee Housing Develop-ment Agency for a $500,000, 100% grant for the HOME program, which provides funding for low-income families to upgrade their homes. The commission unanimously approved this resolution.

They then approved a resolution to be presented to the Tennessee Legislature requesting that the position of Director of Schools be returned to an elected position instead of an appointed position.  This passed with all voting for except Commissioner Lester Gooding, who voted against.

The next resolution, which passed unanimously, was one to establish the Fentress County Commission for the Poor and Impoverished.  This committee will be composed of Carol Watson, Jamestown UCHRA Coordinator, appointed for a 3-year term; Alice Kirby, Senior Center Director, appointed for a 2-year term; and Gale Reed, Children’s Center Assistant director, appointed for a one-year term.

They next voted to approve a resolution to re-establish the Fentress County Audit Committee membership, terms and requirements.  This committee is composed of Bryant Johnson, Vice-President of Union Bank, and Julie Linder, Tennessee Director of Financial Office with Independent Opportunities, who were appointed for 4-year terms;  First District Commissioner Jimmy Johnson, Third District Commissioner Donal Williams; and Phillip Horst, Owner/President of Mountain Barn Builders, to 2-year terms.

The commission then voted to authorize the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office to apply for the Governors’ Highway Safety Office grant, which is a 100% grant.

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