Rennova: JRMC Will Not Close

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

It was reported last week that JRMC had been placed on diversion and would not be admitting patients for the time being due to a lack of supplies. This report came just days after the hospital nearly closed its doors. Although another blow to local morale, the announcement was not shocking, as the situation at JRMC has continued to go from bad to worse over the past few months. Following reports of failing to pay its employees to power outages, and lack of payment to the IRS, the news that the hospital didn’t have enough supplies to treat patients was hardly revelatory. All of these incidents paint a picture of a hospital going through the motions of capsizing, one day at a time.

What is surprising is a newly released statement that was issued last Wednesday, May 22, by a spokesman for Rennova Health, saying that the company had absolutely no intention of closing the hospital, and that continuing to operate the facility was part of its long term business plan.

“We have no plans to close any hospitals. Quite the opposite,” said Rennova corporate secretary and public relations officer Sebastien Sainsbury in a statement given to the Cookeville Herald Citizen. “The hospitals you mention (JRMC) have recently been acquired by Rennova as part of a long term business strategy.

Addressing the issues at JRMC directly, Sainsbury said that the transition had been “more tumultuous” than at the other two Tennessee hospitals acquired by the company, and that the issues at the hospital had resulted in a reduction in monthly collections over the past three months, which has increased pressure on the business. Sainsbury also stated that these issues were being “immediately rectified.”

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