Rennova CEO Sues Rep. Windle for $100K

Seamus Lagan, CEO of Rennova Health, the company that owns the now defunct Jamestown Regional Medical Center, has filed suit against State Rep. John Mark Windle for at least $100,000 in damages as a result of statements Windle made about Lagan in an interview in which Windle called Lagan an “Irish gangster” and a “thief” who came to “cheat” his employees.

Windle represents Tennessee’s 41st House District, which includes Fentress County, and has done so for nearly three decades. The statements Windle made were during a interview with a television news station in regards to the recent closure of Jamestown Regional Medical Center.

Lagan’s complaint, filed in the TN Middle District Court on June 28, 2019, states that these claims are derogatory and false and were part of a malicious campaign to damage the professional and personal life of the Rennova CEO. Lagan claims that these statements have caused him “extreme anguish and emotional distress” and had “upset him greatly.”

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