Range Arrested for Meth in Stolen Vehicle

On October 24th, 2018, Officer Anthony Gunter of the Fentress County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a silver Chevrolet HHR vehicle in the possession of Mr. Jesse Range on Isaac St. in Jamestown. On the same day, Officer Gunter was pulling on to Isaac St, and saw the vehicle in question being driven by Mr. Range coming to a stop at the end of the street.

Being aware that Mr. Range’s liscense had recently been suspended, Officer Gunter turned on his lights and blocked the vehicles path.

Officer Gunter, assisted by  Jamestown Police Chief Ken Hancock, Sheriff Michael Reagon, Detective Rob Lower, and Detective Jeff Hancock, questioned Mr. Range about the vehicle. Mr. Range stated that he knew nothing about the vehicle, including who it belonged to. Officer Gunter then placed Mr. Range under arrest for driving on a suspended license. Officers then asked Mr. Range if he  was in possession of anything illegal.

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