Pullin’ on the Mountain Set Saturday, June 10th

Those looking for   some exciting family entertainment need to look no further than Saturday, June 10th when the 16th Annual “Pullin’ On The Mountain”  will  be held on at the Fentress Co. Fairgrounds, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

This is a MTPA Pull and features  seven sanctioned classes and two non-sanctioned classes.

The sanctioned classes includes:

•4300 lb. Super Stock 2wd

•6200 lb. Light Limited Super Tractors

•5500 lb. Super Stock 4 x 4

•6200 lb. Pro 4 x 4

•8000 lb. Diesel 4 x 4

•5800 lb. Super Stock 2wd

•5500 lb. Hot Rod Tractor

The non-sanction Classes include:

•Stock Diesel Open

(Must be tagged and insured)

•Street Stock Truck (see rules)

Classes are not run in any particular order.

Entry fee for the non-sanctioned classes is $25.00. Paying out $150.00 for first place; $100.00 for second place, and $50.00 for third place.

Admission is $10.00.  Children  5 years and under will be admitted free.

For more information, contact Gary Dale West.

Day:   (931)879-8234

Night: (931)879-1892