Progress Reports Given On Projects at Council Meeting

The Jamestown City Council and Mayor Darlene Monday Davis met Monday, September 11 with all members present and took action on a number of items in a rather brief but busy  session.

Following the reading and approval of the minutes of August 14 and the special called meeting on August 29, the floor was opened for greviences from  citizens, and there were none.

City Superintendent Steve McCoy then reported that the project to replace the roof on the Community Center was progressing well and should be completed within the next 3 weeks.  He also reported that the crack sealing project at the airport was also progressing well.

City Engineer Tom Bennett reported that bids had been received for the grinder to be installed in the main sewer system, and he would present this later in the meeting.

Building Inspector Bob Lane said that the Beaty Street Apartment Complex Rehabilitation project was underway, that work on the building for the new furniture store was about completed, and thet the main hanger inspection had been completed at the Jamestown Municipal Airport.

City Attorney Fred Allred reported that he had been working with the council on the interview process to fill a vacancy in the police department, had been working on the Finance Audit Agreement, and the Telephone Tower Ordinance.

Under “New Business,” the council approved financial statements for the General Fund of $778,818.99; for the Water Department of $1,300,101.54, and for the Gas Department of $1,523,698.44, for total available funds of $3,602,618.97.

Next, they voted to pay monthly bills in the amount of $615,394.24, and approved the 2017-18 Audit Contract with Mauldin and Jenkins.

A motion was then made by Lyndon Baines to add to the agenda a proposal to purchase a grinder pump for the sewer system, and this motion was seconded  by Becky Duncan and passed.

This was followed by a motion by Baines, seconded by Duncan, to approve acquisition of a grinder pump, and this was also approved.

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