Proclamation For Responsible Curriculum, Walking Trail at South Fentress Park, Budget Amendments Among Co. Commission Topics

The Fentress Co. Commission met in regular monthly session on Monday, March 28, 2016 with all members present and took action on a number of items of business in a rather busy session.

The meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross, followed by the pledge to the Flag led by Commissioner Benny Hughes opening prayer by Brother Curtis Cravens of Canaan Baptist Church, roll call by County Clerk Marilyn Stephens, and approval of the minutes of the February 15 regular meeting and the March 14 called session.

After approval of Notories, two Fentress County residents were recognized as recipients of the 2016 Governor’s Volunteer Star Awards — Jo Ella (Jody) Hancock as the adult recipient and Natalee Ann Sturgill as the youth recipient.

Each was presented  a certificate in recognition of their many volunteer contributions to the county.

Bro. Roger Burks then read a proclamation presented by Citizens for Responsible Curriculum, thanking the Fentress County Board of Education for removing the 7th grade Social Studies book which taught Islam, and  further stating “We do not wish to force those with other backgrounds to embrace our faith but we do expect honor and respect of our Judeo-Christian core which was set forth in the establishing of the United States of America.”  The proclamation was then unani-mously approved by the commission, after which they passed Resolution 2016-02, authorizing the submission of multiple Governor’s Safety Office Grants for the year 2016-17.

Following a presentation by Amanda Mainord of Grassroots Consulting, the commission voted unanimously to apply for a 90% grant of up to $200,000 Tennessee Department Environment & Conservation to construct a walking trail at South Fentress Community Park through the Recreational Trails Program.

Next, they approved a resolution authorizing the county to apply for the 2016 Tourism Enhancement Grant with the goal of enhancing and improving the tourism economic impact on this area.

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