Possible Tornado Over Wal-Mart?

An ominous sight was observed on the afternoon of June 21, when what had the appearance of a tornado in formation appeared above the area of the Jamestown Wal-Mart and Henbo’s, along the Highway 127 bypass. Fortunately, the cloud formation never touched the ground, and caused no damage. Whether or not the formation was a tornado or not is still unknown, but the National Weather Service is currently looking into the incident. While it is possible that the formation was a tornado (which requires a rotating funnel), it is also possible it was a scud cloud, a low hanging cloud which is a result of temperature shifts in the air, and does not include any actual rotation. Fentress County was under a severe thunderstorm warning at the time of the sighting and was experiencing heavy winds and rainfall across much of the area, but no damage has been reported other than minor debris. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Collins)