Policy Revisions are Primary Topics of School Board Meeting

The Fentress County Board of Education met in regular monthly session on Monday, November 28, 2016 in what was described as a “routine” meeting with much of the session involving policy revisions.

Following the reading and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, a moment of silence was observed in memory and honor of the children and their families that were involved in the tragic school bus accident in Chattanooga.

Under “Monetary,” the board approved a request from Pine Haven School to proceed with a grant application to purchase new playground equipment.

Under “New Business,” they approved the 2016 Compliance Report and passed a resolution honoring Director of Schools Mike Jones.

Next, they approved revisions to the English Learners Policy, the Fundraising Policy, the Activities Policy, the Fiscal Management Section Policy, the Testing Program Policy, the Food Service management Policy, and the Family Medical Leave Policy.

On First reading, they approved a revision of the Food Policy for students in foster care.

In the final act of business, the board extended the Christmas holiday break through January 2.

Originally, the break had school starting back after the holiday break on January 2, but the revision will extend the break through January second, with school to resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

The meeting then adjourned.