Phil Brannon Issues Statement On His Dismissal as York Inst. Superintendent

After serving for 14 years as superintendent of York Institute in Jamestown, Phil Brannon was told on July 16 by state officials that he was being relieved of his duties at the state-supported high school.

In an interview with local news media last week, Mr. Brannon issued the following statement:

“On July 16, I had a scheduled meeting in Nashville for the Superin-tendents of the State Special Schools.  The Department of HRS asked me to come by to talk about some things, and told me to bring a laptop to take notes with. 

I got up early that morning and drove to Nashville.  When I got there and went into the HR meeting with  David Donelson, Director of Human Capitol for the State of Tennessee now, and Mrs. Lora Stewart, who is the HR Director for the State Department of Education.

I made a comment about Nashville traffic — that you never know when you’re going to get stopped, and they both agreed with me.  I got my notebook out and sat down, ready to take notes or answer questions, and David looked at me and said, ‘Phil, there is not any easy way to do this, but thank you for your service.  You are terminated,’ which more or less stunned me.  Then Mrs. Stewart said, ‘Phil, we can either terminate you, or we can allow you to resign — neither of which will affect your retirement benefits.’ 

My response to her was  “Since I really don’t want to quit working right now, I think I’ll resign.”

She then proceeded to open a folder and take out a statement that was pre-typed, which basically stated that I, Phillip Brannon, have resigned my position as Superintendent of Alvin C. York Institute, effective July 16, 2019.  I signed it, and she went out and made a copy and came back in, handed me that copy, along with another letter that explained the process that I didn’t have to give a 2-week notice, that I was not allowed back on the school campus until she could meet me in order for me to clear my personal items from my office, and things like that.

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