Patriotism Still Alive Here

Patriotism is still alive and well in Fentress County, and this fact was very evident at the York Institute-Upperman football game last week, which was senior night for York, as the teams stood side by side on the sideline as a giant U.S. Flag was  unfolded on the field by the York JROTC, and the senior members of the York football team sang the National Anthem.  York Institute’s namesake, Sgt. Alvin C. York, was a true American patriot, whose heroics 100 years ago this month in the Argonne Forest in France, helped end World War I, earned York a Medal of Honor and distinguished him as the “Most Decorated Soldier of World War I.”  After the war, Sgt. York’s life work was to create more educational opportunities for the young people in his mountain region, which resulted in the establishment of York Institute in 1926. (Photo by Aaron Nickens)