Ordinance Updates, Community Center and Airport Upgrades Are Jamestown City Council Topics

The Jamestown City Council met Monday, October 17 in regular monthly session, with much of the more than 90-minute session taken up with discussion of upgrades at the Jamestown Community Center, the Jamestown Airport, and Ordinance updates.

With all members present, the meeting was called to order by Mayor Ryan Smith, followed by approval of the minutes of the previous session.

Under “Grievances from Citizens,” former City Councilman and Mayor Bob Bow asked “The motion on March 22 to proceed with the Hitching Post Festival and its contracts — what were the contracts?”

Mayor Smith answered; “To the best of my recollection, the contracts were for the artist to sing, and the stage and all that.”

Bow then asked “You signed contracts before this was approved?”.

Mayor Smith answered: “No, we didn’t sign any contracts until after it was approved.”

“What gave you the right to take $35,000 out of the gas fund?” Bow then asked.

“The board voted for that,” Smith answered.  “I can’t take anything out of the gas fund without their approval.  Any fund transfers require the board to vote to make that expense.  Three voted for and two voted against.”

Mayor Smith then asked Mr. Bow “What is your specific question?”

“Who gave you the authority for you to spend $35,000 on the Hitching Post?” Bow replied.

“I got the authority to disburse checks based on the council voting to approve the expense,” Smith replied.

“Bob, I’m not going to beat a dead horse here,” Smith said, “We have had two public town hall meetings, we’ve had plenty of ample opportunity at these meetings to discuss this, we’re about to have our audit done, our audit will reveal any issues with it, and I’m sure that there are not any issues.  The auditors look at the minutes and everything for that stuff.”

Mr. Bow then asked each of the council if they voted on the matter, and Charles Cooper, Gene Holt and Vaneesa Matthews all stated that they voted for the motion, and Corwin Brown and Danny Hayes confirmed that they voted against.

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