Old Tinch School Building, Resolutions and Budget Amendments are Commission Topics

The Fentress County Commission met in regular monthly session on Monday,  May 15, 2017 and took action on a number of rather routine items in the half-hour meeting.

With all members present, the meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross, followed by the presentation of Colors by the Clarkrange High School JROTC Color Goard, and opening prayer by Joseph Robbins.

Following approval of Notaries and the minutes of the April 17th regular meeting and the May 1 special called meeting, the commission presented proclamations honoring York Institute student Abigail Tate and County Commissioner Wade Matthews on their recent weight lifting accomplishments.

Next, the commission authorized the submission of an application for a litter and trash collecting grant for Fiscal Year 2017-18 from the Tennessee Department of Transportation and authorizing the acceptance of said grant.

They then approved the appointment of Harvey Stowers to represent the First District on the Fentress County Equalization Board.

They then approved Resolution 2017-14, to transfer the ownership of the old Tinch School building to the Fentress County Industrial Development Board.

Next, the board approved a motion by Jeff Green to follow the recommendation of the Fentress County Planning Commission to not add Clear Fork Lane, Waterfall Lane, and River Bluff Road to the County Road List, due to the fact that none of the roads in question were built according to the minimum requirements of the Fentress County Road Standards, and that Road Supervisor Scott Norris did not recommend adopting the three roads in question due to the same reasons.

The Commission then approved the acceptance of a bid from Stryker for six Power Pro cots for the Fentress County Ambulance Service in the amount of $110,810.88.

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