New Pall Mall Community Shelter Now Open

A special Open House celebration was held Thursday, July 26 at the recently-completed Pall Mall Community Shelter.

A large group of elected officials and local citizens were present for the event.

Fentress County Executive J. Michael Cross welcomed those in attendance, giving a bit of history on the project, which he said was the brainchild of Commissioners Kim Davidson and JP Reagan, noting that the project had a rocky start, with  multiple delays, but it had eventually turned out to be a beautiful facility for the people of Pall Mall.

Executive Cross expressed special appreciation to Amanda Mainord of Grassroots Consulting for her assistance in acquiring a grant for the project and to the County Commission for their support and diligence throughout the project.

Commissioner Davidson then addressed the group, expressing her appreciation to all those in attendance and to her fellow members of the County Commission for their support of the project.

“I feel that we are so blessed to have been able to get the grant to build this beautiful facility for the people of the Pall Mall area — not only as a temporary shelter in the event of an ice storm or something of that nature, but for a safe place for people to come.  It’s not a long-term facility, such as for a family that has lost their home in a fire, but a place that people can come on a temporary basis, such as for flooding, an ice storm where they can stay warm and safe.