New Laws for 2019

New Abortion Restrictions, Sunday Alcohol Sales, Immigration And Other Issues Affected By Over 30 New State Laws

The coming of the new year has ushered in over thirty new laws passed in the most recent legislative session. These laws affect a number of areas of public concern, including the prohibition of sanctuary cities, additional procedural rules for pre-abortion ultrasounds, the permission of alcohol sales on Sundays, and a number of laws concerning opioid prescriptions. All laws discussed below went into effect on January 1st.


SB0437- Revises various provisions regarding when a health insurance entity can make, and when a health insurance entity is required to notify a provider of, changes in the provider’s fee schedule. Amends TCA Title 56, Chapter 7.

HB1808- Enacts the “Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act” and revises various provisions of insurance laws. Amends TCA Title 9 and Title 56.

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