New Deputy Finance Director Appointed

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Finance Committee met on Wednesday, June 20, to discuss how the county Finance Department should move forward following the recent dismissal of the County’s Finance Director.

With the former director’s dismissal, the primary responsibility of the committee was to appoint an individual to oversee the operations of the Finance Department until such time as the directorship could be filled permanently.

It was agreed upon unanimously by the committee members present that Kelly Cooper-Crabtree, a long-time employee of the Finance Department, should assume the post of Deputy Director and take on the responsibilities of managing the Finance Department for the time being.

In discussing her new role, Crabtree said that she was excited about the challenge that her new job would present.

“I’m excited that they (the committee) think that I can fill the position. I worked pretty closely with the previous director in a lot of areas so I feel confident that I can tackle anything that comes through the door.”

Mrs. Crabtree said that she has worked for the county for 16 years, the first eight years in the County Executive’s Office and the most recent 8 years in the Finance Department.

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