New Commission Convenes, Approves Committee Appointments, Agrees to Televise Work Sessions

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Commission met in regular session for the month of September on Tuesday, September 18th. This meeting was the first to be chaired by newly elected County Executive Jimmy Johnson, and the first in which the four newly elected county commissioners would participate. The meeting included a number of business items concerning procedural details such as appointment of the Commission Chairman, Chairman Pro Tem, County Attorney, members of various county committees, and the agreed upon rules of order for future meetings.

The meeting was called to order by County Executive Jimmy Johnson and the colors were presented by the Clarkrange High School JROTC Color Guard. Following the pledge to the flag, led by 1st District Commissioner Justin Miller, and the opening prayer by 4th District Commissioner Lester Gooding, County Clerk Marilyn Stephens called the roll, which showed that all ten commissioners were present.

The first item of business was for the Commission to elect its chairman. Commissioner Benny Hughes made a motion nominating Executive Johnson to serve as Chairman. The motion was seconded by Justin Miller, and Executive Johnson’s nomination was unanimously supported.

The next matter at hand was the appointment of a Chairman Pro Tem, to serve in the stead of the Chairman should they be unable to attend meetings or be otherwise incapacitated. A motion was made by Lester Gooding nominating Larry Cooper for the position, and was seconded by Robert Cooper. The nomination was then supported by nine of the ten commissioners, with Larry Cooper abstaining.

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