More Candidates Pick Up Qualifying Petitions

Activity and interest continue to pick up in regard to the upcoming General Election in August, as evidenced by the number of candidates who have picked up qualifying petitions since January 3.

As of Tuesday, March 25, a total of 79 candidates had picked up qualifying petitions for the August election, which include the following:

For Fentress County Executive

James Michael Cross

William F. (Frank) Smith

Rickey Dwayne York

For County Legislative Body

District 1

George Leonard Bilbrey

Marvin Ray Buck

Jimmy Johnson

Justin E. (Elvis) Miller

For County Legislative Body

District 2

James Hack Brown

William Gary Campau

Kenneth P. Green

David I. Oppenheim

Porter Ray Penticuff

Robert S. Pile

Jerry P. (JP) Reagan

For County Legislative Body

District 3

Robert D. Cooper

Benny M. Hughes

Jesse L. Range

Floyd R. Stephens

Robert A. Tarter Jr.

Donal Edgar (Don) Williams

For County Legislative Body

District 4

Carl R. Edwards

Lester C. Gooding

Jeffrey W. (Jeff) Green

Jerry L. Mifflin

Johnnie Lee Mills

James Leon Stepp

For County Legislative Body

District 5

Larry Cooper

Mark A. Crabtree

Patricia Gail Dishmon

Blair Allen Garrett

Rodney D. Jones

Steven W. McCoy

Gary Bruce Peters

Clara Alice Wheeler

For General Sessions Judge

Todd Burnett

Paul A. Crouch

For Circuit Court Clerk

Gina F. Mullinix

Tammy L. Smith

For Trustee

Nancy A.  Linder-Stewart

Wanda R. Tompkins

For Sheriff

Anthony (Tony) Choate

Charles S. (Chucky) Cravens

Max Alan Goodpaster, II

Tom Rosecrants

Steve Taylor

For County Clerk

Jamie M. Edwards

Marilyn LaRue Stephens

For Register of Deeds

Rita Pierce Murphy

Patricia L. (Trish) Slaven

Cynthia C. Smith

Crystal L. (Hinds) Tompkins

Gerald (Gary) Volkenand

For Superintendent of Roads

Mark Beaty

James Thomas Gibson

Todd D. Hunt

Scott Norris

For School Board Member

District 1

Barbara Jean Pile

Jason W. Smith

For School Board Member

District 2

Karen A. Cooper

Kenneth W. Walker

For School Board Member

District 3

William L. Cody

For School Board Member

 District 4

Ricky J. Bridges

James E. Cook

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