Monetary Matters Dominate County Commission Meeting

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Commission met in regular monthly session on Monday, November 19, and took up a full agenda which consisted of a number of resolutions, including a capital outlay note for the Highway Department for a new fuel system, and several big ticket budget amendments.

The meeting was called to order by County Executive Jimmy Johnson, and the colors were presented by the Alvin C. York Institute JROTC Color Guard. Commissioner Benny Hughes led the pledge of allegiance, and the opening prayer was made by Pastor Johnny Smith of the United Wesleyan Church.

The Roll was called by County Clerk Marilyn Stephens, which showed that all ten commissioners were present. The Commission then approved the minutes of their October meeting, and the November Notary Applications.

First for consideration was the Tax And Revenue Anticipation Note And Approval Letter, as required by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury. the letter was in response to the county’s request to borrow $451,000 from the debt service fund in order to pay the annual payment on the Justice Center loan. While the Commission requested the total amount of $451,000, the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury, who must approve interfund loans from a county’s debt service fund, only approved the county for a loan amount of $143,363, which means that the remaining balance of the Justice Center payment ($307,637) which is due this month, will have to be paid out of the County General Fund. A motion to accept the letter was made by Robert Cooper, seconded by Leon Stepp, and carried by a unanimous vote.

The next agenda item was the approval of Resolution 2018-24 to define TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) part time participation eligibility. It was clarified that while the County still has to offer retirement benefits to part time employees who it currently employs, part time employees hired after the passage of this resolution will not be eligible for retirement benefits. A motion was made by Lester Gooding, seconded by Rod Williams, and passed with all Commissioners voting in the affirmative.

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