Michael Maly Enters Guilty Plea to Second Degree Murder in Shooting Death of Partner; Sentenced to 20 Years Without Parole

MICHAEL MALYOn Monday, August 29, 2016, Michael John Maly, age 42 of Jamestown, Tennessee, pled guilty in Fentress County Criminal Court to Second Degree Murder, a Class A felony.  Criminal Court Judge E. Shayne Sexton sentenced Maly to 20 years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections custody to be served at 100%.

Maly had been charged  last year in connection with the shooting death of his partner, Kay Reynolds, 52, at their residence at 1107 Panther Branch Road, located north of Jamestown, on Saturday, July 11.

District Attorney General Jared Effler and Assistant District Attorney General Philip A. Kazee prosecuted Mr. Maly on behalf of the State of Tennessee.

The hearing began with Judge Sexton asking Mr. Maly if he understood the plea entered by Maly’s attorney, John W. Galloway, Jr., to which he said he did.

After that, Judge Sexton accepted the plea which was “Guilty of Second Degree Murder”, with a sentence of 20 years without parole at 100% to serve.

Following the conclusion of the trial, Attorney Galloway commented:  “He was  originally charged with First Degree Murder, and he entered a plea of guilty to the lesser charge of Second Degree Murder and was sentenced to serve 20 years without parole.  However, by law he could be released with good behavior after about 17 years.”

“There were some facts presented  that caused the District Attorney’s office to agree that there was a lack of evidence to prove premeditation.  This is a classic and tragic case of the use of alcohol by all parties with a firearm too handy. Had that not been the case, Mr. Maly wouldn’t be in jail today and Ms. Reynolds would be alive.  That’s something that folks should think about,” he added.

District Attorney General Effler said:  “The decision to allow this defendant to plead guilty was not entered into lightly.  Only after consultation with law enforcement and the approval of the family of the victim, was this agreement reached.  We believe that the sentence of 20 years to be served at 100% is a responsible disposition given the facts and circumstances of this case.”

Maly’s conviction is the result of a joint investigation between the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Fentress County Sheriff’s Office, and the Jamestown Police Department.

Mr. Maly was returned to the Fentress County Jail/Justice Center to await transportation to the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

In an article in the Courier on July 15, 2015 Fentress County Sheriff Chucky Cravens said that he received a call at 8:43  p.m. on Saturday, July 11 on his cell phone from  a man who identified himself as Michael Maly, who said that he had just shot and killed his wife.

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