Liquor To Be On The Ballot In November

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

A petition recently filed with the Fentress County Election Commission will place liquor sales back on the ballot in the November Election.

According to Administrator of Elections Joey Williams, a petition bearing over 399 signatures was filed last week at the Fentress County Election Commission to authorize retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages in Fentress County. Petitions intending to place liquor sales on the ballot for public vote must bear signatures equaling 10% of the total votes cast in the county during the most recent gubernatorial election, in this case 2014, of which there were 3,239, making the threshold to put liquor back on the ballot 324, well under the number of signatures already verified. Petitions must be filed by noon 75 days prior to the November election, making the deadline last Thursday, August 23rd. The petition was filed last Monday, the 21st.

The language on the ballot upon the type of liquor referendum being conducted will be:

“To permit retail package stores to sell alcohol beverages in Fentress County,”

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