Leonard Bilbrey Asks Re-Election As Co. Commissioner

LeonardLeonard Bilbrey announced this week that he will be seeking re-election to the office of County Commissioner in the First District, and issued the following statement:

“I, Leonard Bilbrey, would like to announce my candidacy for re-election as First District representative of the Fentress County Commission.  I faithfully attend each meeting of the commission and I have taken the position very seriously.  I try very hard to make decisions based on the belief of what would truly be the best for the most people of our county.  I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the growth and betterment of this county, and would feel honored to be able to continue serving the citizens of the first district.

I am very proud of the strides we have made to improve the well being of this county.  Our emergency services have proved to be of the best caliber in the state of Tennessee.  We have established a 911 system that is far above and better than any we have ever had access to in this county.  After the opening of the judicial center — we will be able to provide more services and thus have income to our county as opposed to paying other counties for the care of those incarcerated.  This will also be creating more jobs locally.

I would be honored to be able to continue to be a part of the improvement of our beloved county by being able to continue to serve on our county commission.  I ask the voters of the first district to please support me in the upcoming election.

Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated.”



Leonard Bilbrey