Kathy Williams Will Seek Re-Election to School Board

Kathy Williams has announced that she is a candidate for re-election for school board member in the 5th District. Mrs. Williams issued the following statement when announcing her candidacy:

“I grew up in the Stockton community, attended Stockton and Allardt Elementary, YAI and graduated from TTU with a degree in Home Economics and a Masters Degree in Supervision and Administration with an endorsement in Elementary Education.

I am the daughter of the late Harold and Lela Stockton, the widow of Joe L. Williams and the mother of 3 sons that attended Fentress County Schools. Joey and wife Tammy, Jonathan and daughter Ashlyn Fowler and Jeffrey and wife Beth.

Education has been an important part of my life for many years. I retired from the school system where I served as a teacher and supervisor and presently serve as a school board member. I am experienced in state and federal school regulations, school budgets and conflict resolution. As a former food service supervisor, I’ve worked with students, cooks, maintenance personnel, state and federal regulations and food distributors and any other duties required of a supervisor in a small system.

I have worked with and under seven Superintendents. Each was a challenge as all had money problems or the lack of enough money to fund programs as they would have liked. We still have challenges and lack enough money to fund education as we would like. A few years ago, the School System was struggling to pay our bills, with a leaky roof in one of the schools, the Director of Schools and Board had to borrow money from a local bank to install a new roof. Today all indebtedness is current with a fund balance to cover any emergency thanks to good management of our Director, the Board and all school employees.

Some people are asking for CHANGE, but they do not say what CHANGE they want or how they plan to make or fund those CHANGES.

A few CHANGES made in education in Fentress County Schools in the last few years are:

1) All indebtendness is current with a fund balance to cover emergencies.

2) ALL FIVE SCHOOLS are accredited with South Association of Schools, the first time in Fentress County History.

3) Four of five schools are REWARD Schools, the highest honor a school can achieve in TN, with the 4th school barely missing by a few points. Also, Fentress County has been recognized as an EXEMPLARY district.

4) Every child, grades 3-12 has a computer available providing them with the latest technology.

5) Fentress County Schools was recognized and asked to present our reading program at the National Rural School Conference at Ohio State University and has been recognized statewide  for our reading program.

6) We have remodeled our bus and maintenance shop. Our bus and maintenance programs are one of the finest of any small system in TN. We have recently purchased several new buses to safely transport our students.

7) We have purchased the French Building as an Educational Service Center for material storage, which has the latest computer technology available. It also has adult education and meeting facilities.

8) We have built new Science and JROTC classrooms and a training facility for JROTC and all school sports at Clarkrange High School.

9) Currently working on a new and safer entrance to Pine Haven Elementary School.

10) All schools have had a TVAAS level of five, 4 of the last 5 years, with a level of five being the highest level to be achieved.

11) Updated lighting in all school buildings using grant and local monies.

12) Replaced heat and air units in most classrooms with plans to replace others in the coming year. 

These are just some of the CHANGES made in Fentress County Schools without having to ask county government for additional funding.

Fentress County is an at-risk county with few jobs and even fewer with the closing of the hospital and other businesses cutting back. People are having to go out of the county to seek employment. While out of county they often purchase their automobiles, gas, food, clothing, etc. with their tax monies going to fund education in surrounding counties.

Other CHANGES are in the planning stage for Fentress County Schools. Fentress County is one of the few counties without a Vocational School. We are presently working to have more vocational courses available at Clarkrange High and to include the adults of the county.

I feel Fentress County Schools are doing MORE with LESS than any other small county in the state and I am proud of being part of the Fentress County School System.

Our meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and always have been.

I want to thank the people of Fentress County for your support and vote in the August election. When elected I will continue to work for the children of Fentress County, as they are our future.

– Kathryn (Stockton) Williams”