Karl Dean Plans to Run for Governor in 2018,With a Focus on Creating Opporunity for all Tennesseans

Former Mayor of Nashville Karl Dean, candidate for Governor, was visiting in Fentress County on Monday. He is shown here with Fentress County Democratic Party Chairman and 12th District Democratic State Committeewoman Martha Beaty Wiley.

Former Mayor of Nashville Karl Dean recently announced his intent to run for Governor of Tennessee in 2018, and began the process by engaging with residents in the state’s economically distressed counties to listen to their concerns and ideas.

As part of that process, Dean, who served two terms as Mayor of Nashville before leaving office because of term limits in 2015,  paid a visit to Fentress County on Monday, March 20.

“I think Tennessee has a lot of things going for us, and I want to push the state forward.  Some of the areas I want to concentrate on are public education, which I think is the key.  Whether you’re rural, small-town Tennessee or urban Tennes-see, having access to good schools and putting our kids in position to get good jobs or go on to college is critical.  Relating very closely to that is economic opportunity and community development.  There’s nothing better for a community than having jobs and creating jobs.  That’s better than any government program, and I think, particularly in the small-town, rural part of the state we need to double down on our efforts.  I think infrastructure development is a key part of it.  I also think you need to look at the unique qualities that each region of the state has and emphasize those.  These are some of the things that I would work very hard on.”

“I’m also concerned about health issues,” Dean continued.  “I think as a state we need to try to improve our rankings when it comes to different things with health, and we need to do what we can to make sure that our citizens have access to good healthcare.  These things are fundamental.”

When asked directly that if elected, would he continue to support York Institute, he said:  “I talked earlier today with Director of Schools Mike Jones, and he asked me that same question, and I said that it appears that it was a program that is working very well and means a lot to this area, and I think that school should be supported.

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